Saving My Heart
How a stressful relationship worsened a woman's medical heart condition.

Saving My Heart

A short poem written using a woman’s direct descriptions about her stressful relationship, and how this stress worsened her medical heart condition. I wrote this poem by rearranging my word-for-word notes of what she said.

This poem is evidence that we are our own best therapists, if only we could learn to truly listen to ourselves.

Saving My Heart

I show love by doing things for others
If I stop, then I feel I don’t care anymore

I called 4 times
Mom said don’t call him anymore

I want to jump in my car and look for him
I want to rescue him
I want to help him, but he doesn’t want help
He’ll go into his shell

I need to not let things get to me
I need to let him do his own thing

I’m learning it’s not my responsibility
I have no choice but to wait
Focus on what I need to do
Hope and pray


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  1. Richard

    I listen to myself often… I just wish I could take action on what I say.

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