A Stale Marriage
A Stale Marriage

A Stale Marriage

I wrote this poem about a fictional stale marriage using inspiration from a Creative Collaboration. I posted on Facebook: “Look to your right, what do you see?” All answers to the question are formatted in the poem like *this*, and I wrote the poem within the goal of an hour.

A Stale Marriage

Stuck between *dirty dishes
A red bed pillow
And the wall*

*My husband
Watching stupid cat videos*
On his *insidious device*
Quite mindlessly

Our love
Wilting away slowly
Like a neglected *balloon
After Valentine’s Day*

Craving something more
Like *a cup of tea
And an old fashioned glazed donut*

*My cat
Next to me in bed
Where he isn’t supposed to be
Licking his balls*

Our *black Labrador*
Licking the *plate with taco crumbs*
And the *empty salad bowl*
From last night

Drinking from my *Starbucks cup*
Disappointed by yet another
*Cold cup of coffee*

My passion
Stored within the *jars of glass frit*
As neglected as
Our *dusty box fan*

Our purpose
Reduced down to complacency
Relying on *Clorox disinfecting wipes*
To foster a fresh clean start

Grabbing my *laptop
Precariously balanced on
An egg carton*

*My Master’s Degree*
Buried in a *leather backpack*
Amidst *piles of paperwork*
Waiting to be remembered

Our lives
Feel as significant as
*Our Funko Figurine of John Lennon
From Yellow Submarine*

With years of *ignoring
The outdoors taunting me*
Suddenly inspired

My *computer mouse*
Quietly maps an escape
Using the metaphorical *Sharpie*
To mark a permanent change

Our old *foam sleeping pad*
Once used for anniversary campouts
Will soon become
My new source of comfort


My husband

Our marriage
Needs to change.


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  1. Richard

    I really like the structure you’ve used to tell a story with “found objects”.

    1. Just Simply Alice

      Thanks! In the beginning phases of rearranging the list of answers, I remembered the play ‘Death of a Salesman’ and Miller’s use of materialism; how we try to make our things represent our legacy, when sometimes they simply represent our own disconnection and potential demise.

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