Professional and Personal Consultation Services

Consulting with Just Simply Alice

About Me

As a consultant, I want to help people both in their professional and personal lives with integrating better self care practices, strengthening relationships, offering relevant education, and providing space to help navigate difficult situations. I can also offer a unique perspective by incorporating the wisdom of nature to help normalize without invalidating the challenges of being human. (Disclaimer: I am NOT offering mental health therapy services, and will refer out if needed.)

By utilizing my extensive professional training combined with my creative and experiential style, I can offer a unique space to foster well being and growth. Please contact me for a FREE CONSULTATION if you feel like I can help you on your journey. And please check my REVIEWS from other people who have previously worked with me. 

Examples of Consultation Services

Professional Consultation Services

  • Team building opportunities
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Trainings
  • Educational workshops
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Improving self-care practices
  • Facilitating work place conversations
  • Tailored nature based retreats
  • Reviewing and improving work place practices

Personal Consultation Services

  • Tailored information to improve life (e.g. mindfulness, self-regulation, boundaries, effective communication)
  • Tools and techniques for navigating relationships
  • Personalized ceremonies to honor, remember, and/or celebrate transitional life moments
  • Improving self-care practices
  • Information on navigating mental health services
  • Personalized nature based retreats

I am a self-described creative gardener: someone who cultivates creativity, nurtures community, and identifies conditions for people to flourish. My hope is to grow love, meaning, and healthy connection.”
~Just Simply Alice